Want to Keep Buyers from Bailing?


Imagine this. It’s the perfect house from the outside and has everything the buyers are looking for – 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a chef’s kitchen, a pool, and plenty of room for a young family to grow into. The tour is going great until they turn the corner and stop in their tracks because in front of them is the “room.” And it’s not just any room. It’s the kind of deal-killing room that turns the perfect house on paper into the kind of home that turns buyers right around and back out the front door.


So you might be asking yourself – what kind of room is this? Well, it’s not just one room, but several different kinds or rooms that can turn what seems to be a sure thing into another deal that falls through the cracks.


The Nasty Bathroom

Nothing screams foul like an unclean and disorganized bathroom.  And if for some reason there is still carpet or large rugs in the bathroom – get them out of there. Once buyers see this, they lose focus on the rest of the house.


The Run-Down Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of the home. And an outdated, broken kitchen can be an automatic deal-breaker even if the rest of the house meets the buyer’s needs. A quick fix is to swap out old appliances with something newer that you can pick up off Craigslist, Let Go, or similar sites. This does not have to be a big spend.


The Stale Formal Living Room

We all remember this room from our childhood. It’s the room that your grandma never let you use except during Thanksgiving or other major holidays. Non-functional rooms don’t make sense anymore. Buyers want to envision themselves everywhere in your home so remove the porcelain bunny collection, take off the sofa covers and make use of your space.


The Over-Stuffed Playroom

Sure, we get it. You have three kids, all boys and enough Legos to build a tower that would actually reach about 40 feet high. But buyers don’t need to be reminded of that, and they certainly don’t want to trip over Legos and other toys as they’re trying to imagine themselves in your home.


The Cluttered Closet

Yes, technically a closet is not a room, but nothing screams that your house has a lack of storage place than closets stuffed to brim with boxes, clothes and whatever other collectibles you might be holding on to. Move that stuff to storage or give it away to someone that could use it so buyers understand there is plenty of room for their stuff in your home.