Pricing your home correctly. What does it take?


Hi South Florida and beyond,

Don't fall into the Overpricing Trap

Pricing strategy is one of the most important elements in selling real estate.

To get the price you are looking for, it's essential to price a property accurately for the current marketplace. The reason is simple. Virtually all buyers search for properties online before scheduling time to see a listing in person. That means these buyers know in great detail what comparable homes are listed for in your area. If you overprice the property, you risk having your home sit on the market with few buyers who will consider viewing (let alone putting an offer on) a home that is clearly more expensive than comparable homes.

"To get top dollar, or what I like to call is the "best price for the market".  It's essential to price a property accurately for the current marketplace."  Its all most impossible to sell your home for over the market place. Even if you do get that fantastic offer, it still has to appraise. 

This lack of interest can lead to a compounding issue. If your home is listed for a longer than average time, you will have created a perception problem. Buyers often assume that there is something wrong with a property that's been sitting on the market for too long.

When you fall into the overpricing trap, corrections can be costly. To generate enough interest in your property, you may be required to drop the price below what would have originally been considered market value. Instead of giving yourself room to negotiate with sellers, you will have set yourself up for selling a property under market value.

Sad to say most over pricing advise comes from aggressive real estate agents looking to close you on hiring them. Find an agent that understands the market and that will out work the competition to sell your home.

When you are ready to sell, I'll be happy to stop by to evaluate your property. Together we will price it to sell your home in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience to you and at the best market price.